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Samvedna Animal Health Facility

Did ‘Bhura’ die in vain?

Meet Bhura, the loving brown male calf. Bhura was hit in a road accident in Faizabad which fractured his hip and leg. As he couldn’t move due to the pain, he was starving to death. He was rescued and treated by the eSF team and while his condition was improving, fixing his fracture required traction which was only available in Lucknow which was 3 hours away. As his condition stabilised, he was moved to Lucknow for a simple procedure to fix his fracture but our dear friend who was making such wondrous recovery with us, did not survive.

Calf Front

Was Bhura the victim of an accident? Or was it insensitivity and the abysmal lack of animal health facilities that killed him?

When eSF had to send Bhura to Lucknow, he tried to cling on to our team as if to say “Please don’t let me go friends, don’t send me to a scary new place”. Had Faizabad been equipped a good animal care facility, we wouldn’t have needed to remove him from our care!

Abhishek Singh
Our Story

Bhura inspired eSF to establish a facility that will be a home and a safe haven for every animal in pain and thus, the Samvedna Animal Health Facility was born. This will be a dedicated medical aid facility working relentlessly towards the care of orphaned, injured and stray animals.


Our vision requires your help and support.

Your contribution will assist us in accumulating some of the following resources –

  1. Transport facility (Animal Ambulance) to carry injured animals to the required location
  2. Fuel required for transport
  3. Staff for conducting rescue operations
  4. Full time dedicated veterinarian
  5. Essential medical supplies
  6. Food for the injured animals
  7. Maintenance of the facility
  8. Medical equipment including Operation Theatre equipment and Radiology, Diagnostic, Laboratory and Oncological Equipment
  9. Canine/Bovine/Equine blood bank
  10. Administration of a full time dedicated animal helpline

Rise to the occasion and defend the voiceless. Let us never have an animal bleed away on the side of the road or yelp in pain over a fractured leg. No longer can you do nothing about it. If their suffering moves you, act today.

We are launching crowdfunding campaign for the Samvedna Animal Health Facility soon! In the meanwhile ,you can reach us here to discuss support for the animals here.