How We Work?

We work at the intersection of

Individuals | Public | Private

Each of us plays multiple different roles in our collective existence.



Guide individuals and civil society to develop solutions to living sustainably in greater harmony with the planet.

Private Sector


Collaborate with the Private Sector to save costs while also saving the planet

Public Sector

Engage the Public Sector & Public Leadership with advanced research and solutions to design and implement policies that encourage Planet-friendly behavior, institutions, systems, and processes.

Parents, teachers, business leaders, public figures, doctors, waste collectors, farmers, voters and much more. No matter your role, each one of us has a mantle of responsibility.

In which role would you partner with us?

The mantle of responsibility towards our planet is a shared quality of humanity. The different institutions of our society help crystalize our responsibility further by virtue of the different roles and influence each institution has on our common existence.

Thus, the mantle of responsibility falls on our shoulders through the multiple roles we play in the society like individual action, members of the civil society, shareholders in private industry, voters for governments, pioneers of individual and group action and guides and shapers of public opinion advising that of the government’s.

We believe that individuals must become a part of the solutions; this also helps encourage and support leaders in government to create enabling policies for the environment. Additionally, active participation of citizens can also encourage private sector leaders to innovate technology and lead best practices that are in harmony with the environment.

Thus, eArth Samvarta Foundation works at the intersection of individuals, government at different tiers, and the private sector for advancing planet- first solutions in the Age of Anthropocene .

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