11 of the 12 most polluted cities are located in India. WHO reported that 93 percent of all children in the world breathe air with pollution levels that exceed their guidelines. WE HAVE LOST OVER 60% OF WILDLIFE SINCE 1970 AND THEIR NUMBERS WILL FALL BY ANOTHER 22% BY THE YEAR 2025. AIR POLLUTION IN INDIA IS ESTIMATED TO KILL 1.5 MILLION PEOPLE EVERY YEAR. "BE THE CHANGE THAT YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD" "No Environment, No Life MAKE A DONATION Save Environment, Save Ourselves."

We, humans, create a significant negative impact on our environment. Would you contribute to reduce your individual impact on the environment? Your generous support helps our various conservation efforts ranging from river restoration, restoration of green cover, wildlife conservation, animal welfare, and more!

We understand that not everyone can take big measures individual conserve the planet – so contribute to our efforts to do your bit!

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Vaishali Singh

Vaishali Singh