Create An Impact

eSF invites you to create an impact in 5 different modes

How would you like to create an impact today?

An often downplayed contribution, this ranks as the primary component of eSF’s outreach. We actively seek expertise and dedicated labor. Every new single expertise you bring to bear and every single working hour you spare would go a long way in boosting our core beliefs and tackling the threats to the planet in this age of the Anthropocene.

eSF Environment Ambassadors are change-makers who use the power of their voice to raise awareness about important challenges that our Planet Earth faces today.

eSF Environment Ambassadors play the important role of leading awareness, positive behavioural change, and innovative solutions that can help conserve our planet and advance sustainability.

Your Responsibilities as an eSF Environment Ambassador include:

  1. Spreading awareness about important matters on the environment, sustainability, climate change, animal awareness, sustainable development and more
  2. Spreading awareness about eArth Samvarta Foundation’s work
  3. Sharing eSF’s fundraisers for the various important causes eSF is working for
  4. Please note that this position is voluntary work and there is no monetary compensation
  5. There is a certificate that is issued at the successful completion of certain parameters (link to Guidelines document)


Individuals, groups, and organizations can help this endeavor become a success by lending a helping hand. We actively seek specialist know-how, and contributions in kind (like veterinary medicines, equipment, animal food items with enduring shelf life, seeds and saplings, etc.), and donations and initiatives. You can donate in lump-sum amounts or monthly amounts over a period defined by you. Each drop fills an ocean, and every honest effort makes a difference.

Harvard Business School uncovered 900 ways in which climate change affects businesses. Some of the most significant ways which climate change threatens to disrupt businesses and damage the economy include harsher working conditions, disruption in materials supply, rapid shifts in demands, extreme climate events threatening economic productivity (Weather- and climate-related disasters have caused trillion in economic losses since 1971 according to the World Meterological Organization). The threat of climate change on businesses urges us to ask, our we prepared to adapt our business processes and economic systems to the effects of climate change? Not only adaptation, eSF also believes that the private sector can play a significant role in climate change mitigation due to their excellence in innovation.

eSF shifts Corporate Social Responsibility from simply being an act of donation from a company to holistic partnerships where enterprises can play a role in innovating for climate action. With your support, we can develop business processes and systems that are not only capable of adaptation to climate threats but also mitigate climate change. Far from donations, we believe in aligning the Core Value Proposition of enterprises to their Corporate Social Responsibility and empowering enterprises to lead climate action.

eSF actively works in rescue, medical care and rehabilitation of animals, many of them victims of human brutality. We invite all of you who love animals to help give them the care they deserve. Our adoption programs are run on 2 different approaches 1. “Family forever” model 2. “Entrust” model In the Family Forever model you personally adopt a pet animal and give them a loving family. In the Entrust model you could entrust us with care and welfare of the animal you adopt. Through the Entrust Model, you can even adopt trees, groves and wetlands. Our regular monitoring and feedback system would help you track the progress and welfare of your adopted one.

We also encourage on ground visits so you can connect better with your adopted one. These models help you adopt based on what suits you. You can bring home a stray dog or cat or adopt a cattle or even an entire GauDhan Shala by partnering with us. You can adopt a stray puppy or an entire pack of dogs. You can choose to personally take care of them or you can entrust the care of your adopted one to us.

Partnerships for the Planet – as this approach is called, enables you or your organization to partner with eArth Samvarta Foundation on joint missions and programs. To collaborate, create and conserve. We invite you to participate in our research and development, or to brainstorming sessions for ideation and development of action plans for the planet.

This could be from something as small as ideas for sustainability in daily lives to something as big as the creation of an entire forest ecosystem. We invite you to join us on this journey of creative ideation for the planet- send us your ideas and let’s partner to make them come to life!

Partnerships can save the planet

Save The World

At eArth Samvarta we aspire to promote era-defining partnerships. The task at hand is daunting and the road uneven, but we believe that together anything is possible. It is together that we can think of achieving these goals. Therefore, support in any form would strengthen us, help us to make our efforts even more intensive and more impactful. Come be our partner in this incredible journey of service to our planet and all those who it is home to.

Thus, eArth Samvarta Foundation (eSF) has created a flexible model of partnership, wherein, not only can you decide which form of support and partnership you wish to form, but also decide the focus area for your contribution to be directed towards. This allows the partnership to be actively engaging, meaningful and satisfying. Because we believe that each one of us is a stakeholder when it comes to collective goals like saving the Earth, the only home we have.

A follow-up mechanism ensures that you receive a quarterly report about your contribution and the impact it has made on the planet. If your contribution does not qualify among the options given below, but you think it will positively impact our mission, do not hesitate to reach out. Together, we can truly create an impact.

For any inquiries email