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“Those who want to sing will find a song – this is the philosophy of my life
The question is do we wanna do it? ‘How to do it, is the path and not the question'(have to think a bit to get what I mean). Once you decide to do something worth doing, the path seems to get created. You will realize that people join you to play their role in your success.”

Vijay Chawan is a Physics graduate from Mumbai University, interested in the interstellar medium, exoplanets, theoretical physics, and gravitational-wave-astronomy. He was awarded a summer research fellowship by the Indian Academy of Sciences and has worked on analytical gravitational-wave source modelling at IIT Madras. He is also inclined towards Human Psychology and Social works.

He joined the eSF during the Covid-19 crisis. Has worked under the C-suite to create daily feeding reports of the campaign which aimed to feed stray animals from starving. Have helped in fundraising work, the migrant crisis help campaign, etc. His idea of joining eSF was ironically not to contribute or help others, but rather to make sure that he does not waste his time by doing nothing useful, during the lockdown.

When he is not working to understand the mysteries of the universe, he likes to listen to music, play guitar, and read self-help books.