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Project Dolphin Announced by Hon’ PM

eArth Samvarta Foundation dedicated to protect the Gangetic Dolphins or “Sus”

Swachh Saryu Abhiyaan

Direct Action and Research to protect Saryu River & Dolphins

Over 50 WEEKS of Clean Up
Over 2,200 Tonnes of Trash
 Over 150 citizens

Milestones of eSF’s Swachh Saryu Abhiyaan

Launched Swachh Saryu Abhiyaan

Launched on Republic Day 2019 with Chief Guest SDM Sadar Shri Madusudan Nagraj Hulgi

Supported by Bank of Baroda
Bank of Baroda Support

Since 2019 Swachh Saryu Abhiyaan has been supported by various eminent institutions of Ayodhya.

With Divisional Forest Officer Shri Ravi Kumar
DFO with volunteer
With Divisional Forest Officer Shri Ravi Kumar
DFO with group

Swachh Saryu Abhiyaan is encouraged appreciated by esteemed public officials of Ayodhya

School Students Participating in Swachh Saryu Abhiyaan
School Students
School students participating in Swachh Saryu Abhiyaan
Liver and kids
Intern governmental Coordination for Saryu River
Cantonment Board

With CEO, Cantonment Board, Dogra Regimental Center, Faizabad

Beautification of the Ghats for Awareness
School Kids

Wall art with awareness messages to protect Saryu River and Dolphins

Hosting International Researchers

International experts coming to Ayodhya to conserve Saryu River with their skills, knowledge, and shramdaan.

Saryu International Music Festival
Saryu world music festival

International musicians performed to raise charity for the conservation of Saryu River.

Celebrating World Wetland Day 2020 with Forest Department
Wet and day

Raising awareness on the importance of Saryu River as an iconic wetland of India.