Sentinels Program for Environment Education

Environment Education

eSF is working tirelessly to train and empower leaders in the field of environmental conservation. We believe that individuals can contribute to environmental conservation and the fight against climate change in a large number of ways by virtue of different roles that each individual plays in his/ her existence as a social being.

For example, parents and teachers can educate children on eco-conscious behavior. If done on a large scale, it will help humankind reduce its adverse footprint on the planet. Similarly, professionals like doctors can spread awareness among their patients about the health hazards caused by pollution and in doing so, also educate them about how to reduce the pollution, each one of them is responsible for in their daily lives.

Similarly, we encourage private sector leaders to reform their business processes and systems to reduce the carbon, waste and water footprint of their industry. Thus, eSF’s Sentinel’s Program envisions a Sentinel for the planet in each individual and works to arm each individual with the requisite skill and knowledge to practice eco-consciousness at every step.


Chandarprabha Sharma,CEO, eSF, motivating children to connect with nature in the Sentinels Program.

Sentinel Program

Multiple editions tailor made for different roles so each individual may lead sustainability in their role or profession.

  1. School edition
  2. Doctors’ and Medical Practitioners’ edition
  3. Industry edition
  4. Parents’ edition
  5. Public Leaders edition

We also run the Sentinel program for specific water bodies, ecosystems or wildlife like the Sentinels of Saryu River and Gangetic Dolphins program which forms the education component of eSF’s Community Driven River Conservation Efforts. In the Sentinels for Saryu River & Gangetic Dolphins Program, we impart environment education to children of the local communities and train them with skills that would empower them to pursue careers in conservation.

The program also provides skills to members of the local community especially like operation and maintenance of solar panels, entrepreneurial skills in waste management and recycling, clean cooking fuels, waste recycling and upcycling, traditional arts and crafts, organic farming, sustainable fisheries, ecotourism and other employment generating activities.

Nursing and kids

Sentinels program for children and nursing staff at Jagjivan Ram Hospital, Western Railway, Mumbai