Surya Prakash Sharma

Chief Technical Strategist
Surya Prakash Sharma

He is a Ph.D. Candidate at Clemson University, South Carolina interested in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Sensors and Embedded Systems. Surya has extensive teaching experience of over 5 years in different roles. In one of his teaching experiences, Surya is the Electrical and Computer Engineering Team Lead for a STEM outreach program catering to middle and high schools across the state of South Carolina. The program inspires K-12 students to consider a career in STEM.

His most recent work involves end-to-end machine learning, algorithms created by observing behavior in collected data. He has experience with leading teams working on projects involving embedded systems, sensors and computer vision.

In his past role as the President of the Clemson Indian Students’ Association, Surya worked to uncover opportunities for knowledge exchange among young students. from India and USA. With his expertise in machine learning, data analysis and big data, Surya is an asset to Samvarta’s conservation efforts that promote advanced, data driven and evidence based solutions.

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