Shashi Singh

Shashi Singh

She is a Masters in History and is a strong advocate for empowering communities so they may play a leading role in sustainable development. Through her career in politics, she has been an active voice for women and youth to play a leading role in sustainable development.

She is a nature enthusiast who has dedicated her life’s work to emphasize how compassion for animals and the reciprocal love from them helps live more wholesome lives. In fact, she believes compassion for animals and love for nature makes our society more tolerant and peaceful.

She is a firm believer of the fact that Gram Swaraj heralded through a wholesome model, that puts India’s farmers and their interests at its core, would lead to the overall development of India.

With her emphasis on village empowerment, eSF’s GauDhan Shala cattle facility, abandoned cattle are designed to make villages self-sustainable and