Prakhar Deep Jain

Documentary Film Maker for Environmental Conservation
Prakhar Jain

Prakhar is a United Nation’s Friendship Award-winning filmmaker based out of Mumbai. For the past 6 years, he has been extensively making documentaries and playing with different forms of communication, to create visually stunning media; core to storytelling at heart. He writes, shoots and edits even if it means hours and months working on a single project.

His films are shocking and significant, entertaining and eye-catching, informative and inspiring and never fails to generate conversations around them. He has traveled across India documenting Shristi Bakshi, (founder of CrossBow, who walked over 3,000 km for women empowerment), lived in the coconut farms documenting the coconut revolution and been to the hostile territories of Kashmir to shoot an undisclosed documentary.

He has also worked with trusted brands like Google, Raymonds, Volvo, Skoda, Tata Trusts, etc and happily spread their message. At eSF, Prakhar helps raise awareness on pressing challenges of environmental degradation and climate change through his incredible skills in storytelling through documentaries.

His work can be found on