Deepa Singh

Chief Strategy Officer
Deepa Singh

She is an academic and social entrepreneur with extensive experience of working with NGOs like NAZ Foundation and Udayan Care. She has been a part of the Indian Army’s Family Welfare Organisation (FWO) where she has worked to empower, educate and up-skill the army families in stations across the country.

She has dedicatedly worked to raise grassroots awareness on electoral issues and political rights during the 2010 Uttar Pradesh Panchayat Elections.

She is a published writer whose bylines on Philosophy and Mental Health issues have appeared in national dailies. She has also written for websites like Sheroes & The Health Collective to raise mental health awareness. Educated at Lady Shri Ram College and Hindu College, Delhi, she feels strongly about giving back to the society.

eArth Samvarta Foundation is designated NODAL/ MOTHER NGO for COVID-19 Control in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh under NITI AYOG guidelines