Chandarprabha Sharma

Chief Executive Officer
Chandar Prabha Sharma

She brings multidisciplinary expertise in public policy with her background in engineering and a Masters in Public Policy from Georgetown University, Washington DC. She also holds the distinction of being qualified in the prestigious National Entrance Test in the subject of Public Administration. Chandar Prabha’s experience includes policy consulting for Members of Parliament, working as a researcher with the nation’s leading think tank, Center for Civil Society, and consulting for various non-profit organizations on pressing matters of sustainable development.

During her time in the United States, Chandar Prabha served as a sustainability consultant for the New York City Department of Education, on solutions for sustainability in water, waste, energy and environmental education and pedagogy, for more than 1800 schools. She also has the distinction of the prestigious Environmental Defense Fund Climate Corps Fellowship and was also awarded the Georgetown Environment Fellowship for her thesis on empirical analysis of the relation between groundwater depletion and production of sugarcane, rice and cotton in India.

At Georgetown University, she also led the Environment and Public Health Policy Team of the McCourt Policy Innovation Lab. Under her leadership, the environment and public health team of the Policy Innovation Lab drove sustainable development efforts through community driven conservation of the Anacostia River. At eArth Samvarta, she brings her experience, especially in community driven river conservation, to lead Samvarta’s vision of saving the planet, one river at a time.