Abhishek Singh

Chairman & Managing Director
Abhishek Singh

He is a dedicated animal welfare enthusiast who has single-handedly rescued and treated more than 200 animals in Faizabad including dogs, cats, cattle, monkeys, snakes and many more. With a background in engineering, he brings tremendous expertise in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and application of modern technologies to address energy poverty.

Abhishek also brings on board his expertise in policy consulting which he has built over years of experience consulting for various representatives in government at different tiers. At the grassroots level, Abhishek has also led focus groups to empower communities to address emerging challenges ranging from sustainable development, renewable energy, climate change mitigation and adaptation, wildlife conservation and many more.

Abhishek believes that humanity has a mantle of responsibility towards planet Earth and he has tirelessly committed his life’s work in fulfilling this responsibility, whether through his individual action in saving the planet one animal at a time or through his efforts to empower communities to live in harmony with the planet. This makes him determined in promoting and supporting eArth Samvarta Foundation’s vision.

eArth Samvarta Foundation is designated NODAL/ MOTHER NGO for COVID-19 Control in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh under NITI AYOG guidelines