New Ayodhya, New India – Table Top 2020 Calendars

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Size 8 inches (width) by 10 inches (height) desktop calendars.

The 2020 calendar showcases the natural beauty of Ayodhya through vibrant photographs and captions. These photos have been clicked by Ayodhya Wasis to raise awareness about the need to conserve our environment. Your purchase helps support eSF’s projects for environment.

After the historic Ayodhya Mandir Verdict, the iconic city of Ayodhya led the example for harmony and peace among communities. eArth Samvarta Foundation (eSF) believes that the city can also lead the way for man-animal-environment Co-existence and harmony as well. Ayodhya is also inherently empowered to lead man-animal-environment harmony because of its ecological heritage and wonders. The Saryu River- largest tributary of Ganga by volume, the Freshwater Gangetic Dolphins- National Aquatic Animal of India, the Sarus Crane and more!

Enjoy this natural beauty in our 2020 New Ayodhya New India Calendars

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