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Hi, my name is Saryu River. Many call me Saryu Mata too. Did you know that I am the largest tributary of the Ganga by volume! I am also home to India’s National Aquatic Animal the freshwater Gangetic Dolphins! There are only 4 such species of river dolphins in the world, so I am a unique river.

Unfortunately, human impact is causing my destruction. I understand that you worship me but I wish you did not dump me with your waste. My true worship and the worship of Ganga Mata too is when you don’t dump waste in me and protect my other children- the River Dolphin, the Gharial, the Turtle, the Sarus and many more!”

eSF’s Friends of Saryu River are working hard to protect me from human impact. They work hard during the Swachh Saryu Abhiyaan every alternate Sunday to remove the trash from my banks.

However, they need your support. eSF aims to install segregated dustbins on my banks so that people can stop throwing waste inside me and use the dustbins instead. What’s even better is the trashcans will be segregated into biodegradable and non-biodegradable. eSF has pledged to collect this waste and dispose of it responsibly so it doesn’t reach the landfills which are coming up in my wetlands. As my children, will you support them? This is a plea from an iconic river of India- will you, as a responsible India contribute for my conservation?

Your contribution will help install dustbins on my banks and also support awareness campaigns for responsible waste management. eSF’s aim is to save the planet with one river at a time. Your help will help them succeed in protecting me, and with that success, eSF aims to come to protect one of my Sister rivers which could be close to you. After all, India’s Rivers unite the country.

Please help eSF help me, consider donating a small amount for my conservation and the conservation of my children- human and non-human.


Tokens of Gratitude:

Platinum Donor

Above ₹5,000

Leave your legacy at the Saryu River Ghats in Ayodhya

1. “Donated to the Saryu River by Friend of Saryu River < Donor Name > will be inscribed on the installation ! (Please mention the name that must be inscribed in the Donor’s name field in the form)

2. A photo of the installation will be sent to our platinum donor

Gold Donor

Above ₹999/-

They will get a social media badge as a token of gratitude from one of the Saryu River mascots (dolphin, Saryu Mata, Gharial, Sarus Crane, Turtle).

All Donors

They get a special mention on all our social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.


Names of donors will also feature in a short film on the cause.


Total budget to be raised:

The plan:

Install 20 color-coded, dustbins (colour coded so that waste can be segregated at source by the users into biodegradable and non-biodegradable). The dustbins would also be painted with the wildlife of Saryu and an awareness message.

The budget:

Top donors: donors donating more than ₹5,000/- will have the message inscribed on the waste collection: “Gifted to the Saryu River by Friend of Saryu <Donor Name>. Our top donors will also receive a photo of the installation inscribed with their name.
(Other incentives mentioned above)


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