Birthday: Abhishek Singh

₹2,601 of ₹1.5 lakh raised

Abhishek Singh is dedicating his birthday for the rehabilitation of animals with paralysis or disability!

With his extensive experience with animal rescue and aid, Abhishek has been working especially with animals with a disability who are often neglected because of their “low chances of survival”. Abhishek believes that just like we wouldn’t abandon family and friends who are disabled, we shouldn’t abandon animals with disability too. Will you help him in his mission to give a better life to animals with a disability?

The “Animal Whisperer CMD” as he is called, you’ll see Abhishek Singh either engaged in key public policy solution meetings in person or on the phone or you’ll see him leading animal rescue and first aid from the front lines. You’ll often find him shift his office and workspace to be with the beautiful animals under his care and treatment, exchanging positivity and love while he works. The animals under his treatment too are fully aware that they enjoy exclusive rights to summon him with a call when they need him, even when they are simply bored and need attention.

Abhishek’s dedication to animals has been at the core of his service from a young age. When he first began animal rescue and aid work years ago, he had a few crumpled hundred rupee notes and a first aid kit and would rescue injured and sick animals along NH 28 and villages in Faizabad. As a student too, he was known for going beyond the call of duty to treat any animal in need, without hesitating to spend his entire student budget even if that meant missing his own meals. Today with eArth Samvarta Foundation is truly blessed to have him as our leader, the Animal Whisperer CMD who inspires us to give it our all for a cause!

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