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Donations made to eSF are eligible for tax savings under Section 80 G of the income tax Act.


eSF needs your help to launch a Mobile Animal Hospital (on wheels) in Ayodhya

eSF has treated over 2000 injured and sick animals in 18 months.

The condition of animals in Ayodhya is heartbreaking as they suffer from accidents on the road, human brutality and violence, abandonment and more. The facilities for animal health and treatment are not up to the mark.

Abhishek Treating Animals On-Site

How we work with limited resources to create maximum impact

Team eSF and eSF volunteers dedicatedly work round the clock to provide treatment to animals. Some of the animals who don’t need life-saving intervention are treated on-site itself with regular visits from team eSF.

Team Treating Animals On-Site

This helps us ensure that our limited shelter and recovery facility does not get overwhelmed. In cases where the animals are fighting death or need a safe place to recover we shift the animals to our Rescue centre or some of our volunteers offer to foster.

The number of cases is increasing rapidly and currently, our team travels by local autos or personal vehicle with the animals. It is extremely difficult to contain a stressed and scared animal in a small vehicle like an auto or a personal car. Sometimes we even have to rent trucks and the hygiene and safety of these trucks is not suitable for an injured, unwell animal but we have to make a life-death choice in these cases.

Team Treating Animals On-Site

Alone eSF’s resources will always struggle to meet the high number of cases we treat. Due to these limited resources, we also distribute our supplies to our different locations so that our team doesn’t have to travel too far to pick up first aid, medicine and equipment.

Our team travelling by scooters to transport an injured animal for treatment

eSF is thus raising funds for a mobile animal hospital which will solve all these problems and provide a safe, sanitary and hygienic facility that is mobile and efficient to treat the higher number of animals in Ayodhya.

This animal mobile hospital would also conduct spaying and neutering surgeries to advance animal birth control in Ayodhya. Please note that birth control done in a safe, sustainable and scientific manner is the most effective solution to the sufferings faced by our animal friends on the streets.

Hiring a truck to transport injured cow (hygiene is a problem with rented trucks)

We want to increase our impact and solve the problem of animal brutality in Ayodhya

eSF is raising funds for a MOBILE ANIMAL HOSPITAL for advanced life support so that we can treat more animals on-site and can transport the cases that need urgent intervention to our centre. The MOBILE ANIMAL HOSPITAL will help improve the animal welfare facilities in Ayodhya and we would be working with Vets to give Advanced Life Support to animals in need.

Total amount: 25 Lakhs


  • Large Vehicle (Tata Winger or equivalent)
  • Examination and treatment table
  • Lighting
  • Refrigeration for medicines
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Anaesthesia tools and equipment
  • IV Pumps
  • Autoclave and sterilisers


Donations made to eSF are eligible for tax savings under Section 80 G of the income tax Act.


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