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You made a difference!

Your recent donation means that you understand just how significant and full of dedication our efforts for our planet are, and that just fills our hearts with pride.

eArth Samvarta Foundation (eSF) is a non-profit organisation that is empowering communities for sustainable development and bringing innovative solutions for the conservation of our planet. In 2019 eArth Samvarta Foundation won the prestigious Paryavaran Mitra Award from the Government of Uttar Pradesh. e We work for the conservation of the Saryu River and freshwater Gangetic Dolphins. Our Saryu Nandini and Saryu Saarthi Programs empower low-income women and youngsters to conserve the river and earn skills and employment. We have also undertaken the rescue of over 1400 abandoned and injured animals in the district of Ayodhya; and we are working towards the rejuvenation of the river Tamsa; eSF’s revolutionary Swachh Saryu Abhiyaan that focuses on inculcating zero garbage and waste to wealth behaviour in people and we are generating sustainable employment for men and women of the riverine community. We have achieved all this with the incredible support and encouragement from our #FriendsofPlanetEarth like you!

We work in synchronisation with local communities, universities, schools, doctors, farmers, corporates and policymakers – because we believe that together, we are stronger, in protecting our only home, Planet Earth.

And now we have you joining the team!

Thank you for cheering us on with your generous donation!

Your act of kindness has made a real difference in the lives of every citizen of the world because environmental degradation affects all of us!

With love to you and our planet,

eArth Samvarta Foundation